Check out these amazing wrestling matches in WWE 2K17.

Today’s Partner Feature is all about high-flying and death-defying wrestling as TGN Partner TigerPoweredMedia plays through WWE 2K17. This gameplay video sees him playing through several matches in his custom-created championship mode—IT Factor Wrestling association (IFW). So if you love wrestling in videogames, make sure to watch this playthrough.


The Laws of the Ring

This gameplay video perfectly showcases why it’s so unbelievably hard to create a true wrestling experience that successfully captures the feeling of the real thing that you see on TV. Every longtime fan knows that wrestling is more about storytelling than real fighting.

You don’t watch wrestling cause you want to see people beating each other mindlessly, but cause there’s a sense of drama and unpredictability in all of that. In every great wrestling match, there’s always exponentially more going on than just the beatdowns.


WWE 2K17

The presentation does look pretty authentic…


Wrestling isn’t just a sport, it’s sports entertainment. And being that, a large part of it goes towards generating that feeling of drama in the viewers. Take the famous HBK vs Taker match at Wrestlemania 25, which is widely considered as one of the greatest wrestling matches ever.

That’s kind of the yardstick of what wrestling matches are all about, it has to take the viewers to the point of suspension of disbelief, where the only thing that goes in their heads is—what happens next? Without that, wrestling just loses all of it’s pull factor, it’s just people beating on each other. And that’s not fun, not for long anyway.

But to instill that same feeling in a videogame is incredibly tough. First, you need to have that constant uncertainty factor—the half second pinfall breaks, finisher counters that chain together, those ‘almost-didn’t-happen’ gameplay moments and more.

And that requires some truly cunning A.I which WWE 2K17 painfully lacks. As you’ll see in this gameplay video, the matches are unbelievably easy, there’s almost no sense of drama and story at all.


TigerPoweredMedia Lays the Smackdown

The first match that took place was pretty dull and devoid of any of that sense of drama and tension that’s the hallmark of all great wrestling matches. It was a standard tag-team match that’s probably one of the most short-lived wrestling matches you’ll see. Of course, even within that, TGN Partner TigerPoweredMedia’s wrestling skills really shined through. It was clear that he’s easily a pro level player in WWE 2K17.


WWE 2K17

Time for some table beatdown…


As soon as the match started, TigerPoweredMedia’s character landed a furious clothesline to his opponent. And after that, he landed another devastating body blow from the top rope. But rather than starting the pinfall, his character tagged his teammate into the ring who did a quick somersault from the top rope and into their opponent. And after the countdown started, TigerPoweredMedia quickly won the match clean with all the 3-counts.

– – – – – – – –

Even though this match was over, there’s a lot more exciting matches to see in this playthrough but you’ll need to do it all by yourself. And if you enjoy them, make sure to visit TGN Partner TigerPoweredMedia’s Youtube channel and let him know with a comment. If you love wrestling games, you’ll love what he has in store for you in his channel.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time. Happy gaming.