Did you ever play Sonic and the Black Knight?

In today’s TGN partner feature, we have Shadicstick streaming some Sonic and the Black Knight.

Shadicstick plays a lot of different games on his YouTube channel. In today’s video, he has some footage of a Sonic game that released several years ago.


Bring Back 2009

It’s been a while since 2009. That was the year that Sega released this Sonic game. It’s for the Wii and it’s apparently a pretty short experience, according to Shadicstick.

He says this early in the video that there’s not a whole lot to this game but he still wants to play through it for his audience. This is a game that maybe people missed or don’t quite remember. It’s definitely not on those games that people mention much when talking about Sonic.


Sonic and the Black Knight

This is going pretty fast!


It’s funny how many Sonic games there are and how often the entries are forgotten. This game is much different from the modern games. IT has this very simple art style and almost looks like a mobile game. Once in the game, it looks like an endless runner. Shadicstick speeds forward through these 3D environments but he’s stuck on this small linear path.

The game maintains a certain amount of speed that looks pretty fun to play with. There’s enemies that Shadicstick has to slice through and keep his momentum with. The obstacles come around every corner but Shadicstick is good enough to dodge most of them. There’s coins and spikes that Shadicstick eventually runs into. It brings him to a stop but he’s able to pick up the pace again and zip through the level.

For a game that doesn’t look that thrilling initially, it sure seems like something that might be good in small portions. It almost makes you want this game now but in a different format. I could see it on phones or something. Regardless of platform though, this definitely captures a certain part of what makes Sonic games so fun: the speed.


Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic has story too!


Shadicstick blasts through levels with a lot of time to spare. He is good enough to talk to his stream audience and navigate his way through these dark caverns as Sonic. There’s one moment where Shadicstick gets a little frustrated as he has to carefully time his attacks on enemies to move up this spiral ramp. Shadicstick eventually gets it but it does sort of halt his momentum.

Shadicstick finishes a few levels and at the end it shows his score and his bonus points for style. He does pretty well for the first few levels. It seems like he naturally picks up what this game requires him to do.

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If you want to see more of Sonic and the Black Knight, you should definitely check out the rest of this archive. Shadicstick has a ton of videos like this on his YouTube channel and you’ll surely find more to like.

That wraps up the latest partner feature. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you here next time!