Check out all of these new designs of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Today’s Partner Feature is about gamer reactions as TGN Partner Dream Bridge gets a good look at all the new-gen Pokemon in the newly-released Pokemon Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS. So if you’re a fan of Pokemon, make sure to check out this live reaction video as Dream Bridge browses through all of the latest Pokemon that you’ll get to play in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Meet The New Generation Of Pokemon

At the start of this video, TGN Partner Dream Bridge states that every time a new generation of Pokemon emerges, he tries not to look at the early leaks or concept images, which give away some of the designs of these new Pokemon. And that’s why he gets his first look at the new Pokemon right here in this video and that makes for a really fresh reaction montage that every Pokemon fan will enjoy.


Pokemon Sun

You won’t believe what this Pokemon evolves into in her final form…


The first Pokemon he sees is Rowlet, which is a grass type new Pokemon that looks like a cute little Owl. Dream Bridge stated that he really likes the vanilla design of Rowlet and proceeded to look at his next two evolutionary portrayals.

He then looks at Darktrix, which is the first evolution of Rowlet. After seeing it, Dream Bridge was really impressed and when he saw the next evolved design, he totally freaked out for a few moments as it was pretty much a complete 180 from the earlier ones.

And with that, we saw the next Pokemon named Litten, who looked like a fiery looking cat. Upon seeing his design, Dream Bridge said that it looks really cool. And when he saw his first evolved-up form (named Torracat), he was even more impressed. It looked a lot more badass and had a sabre-thundercats vibe to it.

However, Dream Bridge absolutely hated the next evolved version named Incineroar which was really vicious and had an overtly aggressive look to it. He didn’t spend much time talking about this one and went straight to the next batch of Pokemon.


Pokemon Goes Cosmic

The next Pokemon was Popplio, an adorable water based Pokemon. Dream Bridge was a bit indifferent about his initial design but when he saw Popplio’s first evolved form (named Brionne), he totally burst into laughter. You can guess that he really likes the design.

But he was most impressed with Popplio’s final evolution which looked like a tweaked-out mermaid form. Anyway, he was really blown away by her design.


Pokemon Sun



Next it was Rockruff, an innocent looking dog-like Pokemon and Dream Bridge really liked his design. But the next evolved-out versions were even more memorable as they had a werewolf-infused look (or even a Super Saiyan 3 styled long hair look) to them. Needless to say, Dream Bridge absolutely loved their designs.

There are a lot more Pokemon designs to look out for in this video but you need to do it all by yourself. That way, you might also get some fresh reaction moments out of them.

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