Get ready for a sweet Pokemon domino arrangement!

In today’s TGN partner feature, we have TheDominoKing creating and collapsing the Pokemon Sun & Moon starter Pokemon in dominos.

TheDominoKing puts together a lot of amazing dominos creations on his YouTube channel. In today’s video, he tackles the three starter Pokemon in the newest entry in the franchise.


Drop ‘Em All

Let’s set this up a bit, not unlike TheDominoKing surely did hours and hours before this video was created. The first shots of his video show off all of the dominos and the many ways they’re set up on his floor. They’re all in wild formations and zig-zagged around into these portraits of the three starter Pokemon. He clearly put a lot of work and thought into this.



This is pretty impressive.


Obviously he’s going to get ready to knock them over, but I appreciate that he takes the time to show off how stunning the whole set looks together, untouched. There’s a lot of really good detail in the way he uses the colors to evoke each Pokemon’s type and to give you a sense of what they’re like. He even included their names on the bottom just in case you weren’t already familiar with them.

All of that makes this short video worth watching. You get the build up to the eventual collapse and then the outcome to it all. It’s all-in-one and it’s super entertaining to watch even before he tips over the first domino. Let’s hope he took a lot of pictures and video before he eventually destroyed it all. You’ve got to keep this one in your memory for as long as possible.

Then the time comes for the first domino to be tipped over. It’s an orange piece and he taps it with his finger and the entire thing starts to go. It starts with Popplio and knocks out a huge line that leads to him and then drops all of the color around him to leave a Popplio looking forward with a Pokeball in the background. It’s really fun to watch as the dominos shift to reveal these bright Pokemon and their pictures.



Look at Popplio go!


The set continues through to Litten and Rowlet just as it did before. These two other Pokemon are just as impressive to watch. You again see the colors shift as the pieces fall and the pictures get more clear.

Then there’s a bit of a surprise. In the background is some text reading “Alola” which is the name of the region in the new game. It falls over in spectacular fashion, only it makes use of some giant domino blocks that I hope to see TheDominoKing use more of in the future.

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If you want to see more videos like this from TheDominoKing, you should definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel. That wraps up the latest partner feature. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you here next time!