Have you played Pokemon Planet?

In today’s TGN Partner feature, we have Unstopablness Gaming helping everyone out with finding a Snorlax in Pokemon Planet.

Unstopablness Gaming has a ton of videos on his YouTube channel. In today’s video, he is showing off the multiplayer Pokemon game and showing off how to find Snorlax.


Where is He?

Unstopablness Gaming’s goal is to bring you informative videos on the games he plays. With this game, the goal is to find some useful Pokemon that you can utilize in this game. The one to get is Snorlax, but he’s not super easy to find.

To get him, you have to go to some specific areas in the game and search for him. This both helps you find other new Pokemon to catch as well as find areas to farm if you need to get specific catches.


Pokemon Planet

This game looks like a lot of fun!


Unstopablness Gaming starts out on his journey to find Snorlax from Vermillion City and he gets close to Route 12. This is where a ton of people come to hang out and train their Pokemon. You can actually type slash Pokemon and see that Snorlax does indeed spawn here. It’s good to do that no matter where you go because it helps you understand where they are located and you can even give out that information to your friends.

You can see a bunch of other players standing around near Unstopablness Gaming when he gets there. They’re all not necessarily catching Snorlax but they are definitely there because there’s other good catches there and, like Unstopablness Gaming said, he is sure they’re there to train up their roster.

It seems like searching around the world in this game is key to building your team of Pokemon so that you can go into tougher and tougher fights. I like how you can actually see what Pokemon are wild there. If it were not for players like Unstopablness Gaming, you might not know otherwise. At the same time, you still have to visit the area to learn what Pokemon are there, so people can still make videos to guide you on your way to your next catch.


Pokemon Planet

This is where you’ll find Snorlax.


Unstopablness Gaming makes it pretty easy and simple to follow. You leave one of the big cities and head to the right route. There’s no fuss and it’s specific enough that you can memorize most of it. Unstopablness Gaming likely plans on doing more of these guides so that you can build up a group of Pokemon really quickly without having to spend the time to figure out where they all are.

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If you want to see more of Pokemon Planet and Pokemon Planet¬†guides from Unstopablness Gaming, you should check out his YouTube channel. He has other videos like this and a few others that you’ll surely find interesting.

That wraps up the latest partner feature. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you here next time!