These Gears of War lore facts are not for the faint of hearts.

The Gears of War series of games feature one of the most brutal fictional universes in all of gaming history. As a result, there’s more than a few seriously unsettling themes and aspects of the Gears series which every hardcore fans know about. But if you’re not one of them, then watching this video will tell you all the gory details of Gears of Warr.

So sit back and enjoy as TGN Partner DOT4LIFE presents an in-depth look regarding the top 5 most disturbing things to ever come out of the Gears series. But be warned, some of these stuff are, as he says, really unsettling, like rated X stuff. So if you’re a die-hard Gears fan and would like to know every bit of lore history from the decade old franchise (and have a tolerance for extreme depictions of violence), this is the video for you.


Geared for Violence

One of the golden rules of creating a memorable fictional world/universe is to have characters that struck a chord in the players, which is a way of getting them emotionally invested in the entire world and it really doesn’t matter what kind of fictional world that is. Kind, brutal, cold—doesn’t matter where, as long as you have some relatable character working as anchors for the storytelling, the audience/viewer/gamer will follow these characters’ journey to anywhere.


Gears of War

Heart and center.


And that’s why, despite filled with all kinds of despicable horrors, violence and stuff (that you might not even want to talk about), the Gears of War series never loses it’s appeal on the players. Now that’s just looking from a purely storytelling perspective, of course the satisfying gameplay is the primary reason for the enormous success of the series, but having a few memorable characters does solidify that even more.

Alright, now brace yourselves, here comes the nasty parts.


World of Horrors

And the fifth most horrifying thing in the Gears world is the Cog Breeding Farm—which was explored in detail in the official comic book. It goes like this—in the Gears world, little girls (age 10 or older) were stolen and forcibly put in this farm where they were physically engineered to breed at an early age and the better they’d get as a breeder, the more food and treatment they would receive. Not to mention all the unspeakable assaults that were done to them since their childhood. This is just beyond twisted.


Gears of War

If you’re going to attack creatures like these, you better have a lot of foresight.


Now the fourth most disgusting thing is all the instances in the Gears timeline where the humans tried to defeat the Locusts. All of their assaults didn’t even slowed the Locust horde in the slightest and as a result, there were mass-slaughters on the humans across the globe.

As TGN Partner DOT4LIFE states, all of these attempts at defeating the Locusts only resulted in getting the humans butchered in horrific ways. Sure they were outmatched but at least these humans should’ve known better than to just march on their deaths like moth in flames. Damn.

Coming in at number 3 is when the Locusts decided to take humans as prisoners. Yeah, you can get where this is going. If you have played Gears of War 2, you already know what happened to most of these prisoners and if you don’t, then sorry to spoil it for you. After all the unspeakable things they went through, many humans decided to kill themselves in order to end their sufferings. Honestly, this is as dark as you can get in a videogame.

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