Enjoy this epic Final Fantasy XV gameplay!

In today’s TGN partner feature, we have Omakez .Walkthrough nearing the end of his Final Fantasy XV gameplay series.

Omakez .Walkthrough quickly posts the full playthroughs of the latest games on his YouTube channel. In today’s Final Fantasy XV gameplay video, he has what looks to be almost the ending to Final Fantasy XV, but don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything.


The Finale Nears

It’s chapter 14, “Homecoming” is the name, and Noctis is heading back home after a brief stay … well somewhere. I don’t want to spoil this game because it’s been so big for fans of the series and not everyone has had a chance to finish it yet. It’s one of those games you might want to really savor and play through to completion.

This game is a looker and even this late into the game it looks really stunning. There’s a scene on a dock where the lighting is pretty dark and it’s just Noctis’ flashlight that illuminates his path on it. The planks light up with that glow that flashlights give and the ocean around him sort of picks up and reflects the light he gives off. It’s this really neat, melancholy look for a moment in the game that isn’t exactly triumphant.


Final Fantasy XV gameplay

These demons are creepy!


That’s when the demons start to appear and the game’s combat begins. Omakez .Walkthrough starts working in combat strategies and the music starts to rise but not too much. There’s a sort of restraint to it that feels fitting for the setting. It’s not immediately a blast of orchestrated battle music. Instead, it slowly rises and rises until Omakez .Walkthrough is so deep into the fighting that it only makes sense for the music to start to soar and crash.

The combat itself is pretty flashy. Omakez .Walkthrough fights a lot of giant creatures that slide around the screen. You can see a ton of water and smoke effects as he slices through the enemies. It’s this really cool mixture of fantasy and sci-fi that makes the combat look really fun to play. And of course that’s just the small fights, when Omakez .Walkthrough gets to a tougher enemy it gets even more intense and exciting.


Final Fantasy XV gameplay

Lots to see!


Later on, Omakez .Walkthrough does some exploring. The game looks pretty linear in terms of where you can go but it is so detailed that it really doesn’t amtter. There’s enough stuff to see in the small paths you get to walk that it’s worth spending your time looking around. Plus, this game is full of stuff to do already and it benefits you to keep an eye out and to do the side stuff.

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If you want to see more Final Fantasy XV gameplay like this from Omakez .Walkthrough, you should definitely check out his YouTube channel. He’s actually already done with the game so if you want to watch it in full you can do that.

That wraps up the latest partner feature. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you here next time!