Would you use this awesome Fallout 4 first aid kit mod?

In today’s TGN partner feature, we have artist Ben Ephla making a Fallout 4 first aid kit mod.

Ben Ephla is an artist that loves to create stuff based on his favorite games. In today’s video, he has a montage of the Fallout 4 first aid kit mod he made himself for Bethesda’s open world game.


A Small Twist

Okay, so maybe you’re not sure why you’d want to switch up the way the first aid kits look like in this game, but you’d be surprised how great Ben Ephla’s are. Take a few minutes to watch the video and you can see that he put a lot of work into these small parts of the game. All of the art is accurate to the setting and it really fits the damaged and classical state of the world.


Fallout 4 first aid kit mod

Look at that detail!


This is the kind of mod for people who really want to keep the game looking accurate to the way the developer wanted, but also make it more detailed and unique. Ben Ephla’s first aid kits have old-looking fonts that read “For Emergency Use Only,” and more. He cared enough to fit them into the world but also make them look like their own things.

This mod fits well with the ENB Vintage Film Looks. It helps turn your game into something much more than the original release. You can even do this on Xbox One as well; Ben Ephla made sure to bring the mod over there too. That way, no matter what platform you’re on, you can enjoy this small tweak to the game.

There’s also a lot of people on Ben Ephla’s Nexus Mods page that really appreciate the effort he put into these first aid kits. You spend a long enough time with a game like this and you start to change up the usual things in it through mods. Most of the commenters on his page appear to be those types of players and they all appreciate the change of scenery that Ben Ephla’s mod gives the game.


Fallout 4 first aid kit mod

His kits fit well within the world.


Ben Ephla’s mod also fits well with his chem retextures too. If you watch this video and see how good of a job he did with the first aid kits, you should definitely check out his other mods. Ben Ephla is all about maintaining a level of believability within the game world and adding his own touch. You can totally combine multiple mods from him to get an even greater effect in action.

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If you liked this video, you should go and look at Ben Ephla’s other mods and their respective videos. Any tweak to the game that he adds, he’s sure to make a video on it so you know what it does before you install it.

That wraps up the latest partner feature. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you here next time!