Check out this awesome Civilization 6 gameplay.

Today’s Partner Feature is all about conquest and domination as TGN Partner JTA plays through Civilization 6. This gameplay video sees him playing as the Japanese empire and trying to seize the city of Seoul, settling trade deals with Russia and engage in lots of city-building activities.

So, if you are a player of Civilization 6 or enjoy playing real-time-strategy games, make sure to watch this gameplay video.


Siege Engine

At the start of this playthrough, TGN Partner JTA states that in this (12th) episode of his Civilization 6 gameplays, the primary focus is to take over the city of Seoul. And soon, we see one of his infantry launching a long ranged field canon blast at the city. A few moments later, an in-game prompt informed him that the attack has done considerable damage to the city’s defenses, but it’s not going to be enough for complete city-wide domination.


Civilization 6

The invasion begins…


And so, JTA decides to bring more canon infantry to his attacking arsenal from Kyoto, which is one of his bases.

Besides running the siege operation in Seoul, JTA was also engaged in various other political and engineering activities in his home bases. And while the invasion of Seoul was well underway, he was also setting up hubs and factories in several areas in his own city of Osaka and Nagoya. All of this to ensure that his kingdom doesn’t become affected in any way while the tensions run between Seoul and his armies.

This really points to the fact that how sprawling and deep the game is. Civilization 6 really makes you feel like you’re in charge of something exponential and that every decision you make has rippling consequences that can either reward or haunt you in the long run.

But if you have played the earlier games in the series, you know that it’s pretty much normal to expect these kind of complexities from the game. After all, you’re not just building a nation or conquering an empire, you’re ushering a whole new era of civilization. So yeah, it’s not going to be easy.


Diplomatic Maneuvers

Meanwhile, a few battalion of strike units had arrived from JTA’s home base to the borders of Seoul, resulting in further bombardments on the city. It was clear that at this rate, it was only a matter of time before the city defenses fall, once and for all. And when it does, JTA will have his army into the city for a massive urban takeover.


Civilization 6

The larger your empire gets, the harder it becomes to maintain it all…


A few moments later, TGN Partner JTA turned his attention to Tokyo, another of his bases and decided to build a huge wall around the center of the city. This will allow him for a great line of long ranged attack if this city ever comes under foreign invasion. It’s Civilization 6 and things can happen when you least expect so it’s definitely a better idea to prepare for the worst.

After that, he once again returned to check the battle situation in Seoul where two more of his army units have arrived with canons blazing. And with the city defenses dropping at a steady rate, JTA was totally confident about his imminent victory.

And a few moments later, he decided to look into the trading options in his nations and did some food and production business with Sendi, one of his neighboring cities. He also mentioned that currently, he has pretty good relations with the Russian empire and looks forward to run some trades with them as well.

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There are a lot more absorbing Civilization 6 gameplay in this video, but you’ll need to watch them all by yourself. And if you’ve enjoyed this playthrough, make sure to visit TGN Partner JTA’s Youtube channel and let him know with a comment.

As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time. Happy gaming.